Modern Education Services (MES) is the solution-based education and training division of Modern Insight, LLC. We have over 150 years of combined experience working with students and adults in the elementary, secondary, post-secondary and business settings. We celebrate the transformative power of education and exemplify this in all aspects of our work.


Modern Education Services

Modern Education Services (MES), a division of Modern Insight, LLC, is a veteran owned startup founded with the idea of forming a dynamic team of Education leaders who share a passion for building innovative solutions that directly impact learners of all ages.   

We are relentless in providing high quality service and materials to our customers.

Our Services 

  • Curriculum Evaluation and Implementation
  • Research, Data Collection, Analysis, and Presentation
  • Evaluating College and Career Readiness and Success Interventions
  • Evaluation Design for Grant Applications
  • Evaluation of Collective Impact Initiatives
  • School Improvement Plans
  • Project Management
  • Teacher Evaluation Systems
  • College Selection Counseling
  • Parent Engagement Training
  • Program Outcome Evaluation
  • Curriculum Design
  • Collaboration Consultation
  • Workshop Trainings
  • Diagnosis, Assessment, and Evaluation for Function, Behavioral, Psych-oeducational, Clinical, and Behavioral Evaluation
  • E-Learning, Blended Learning, and Traditional Learning Platforms
  • Curriculum Writing- Common Core, Technical, and Service, Curriculum Development and Adaptation
  • Leadership Development, Continuous Improvement Models, and Root Cause Analysis
  • Research Process and Publication- Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Program Implementation and Evaluation, 3rd Party Evaluation
  • Project Development, Implementation, and Dissemination
  • Instructional Coaching, Real Time Mentoring, and Instructor-Led Training
  • Data Analysis, Trend Reporting, and Forecasting
  • Quality Reviews
  • Evaluation of Program Effectiveness


541511- Custom Computer Programming Service                                                 611691- Exam Preparation and Tutoring

541519- Other Computer Related Services                                                          611699- All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction

541611- Administrative Management and General Consulting Services                  541613- Marketing Consulting Services                  

611710- Educational Support Services                                                                 541720- Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities

61110- Elementary and Secondary Schools                                                          624110- Child and Youth Services

61120- Junior Colleges                                                                                      923110- Administration of Education Programs

611420-Computer Training                                                                                 611430-Professional and Management Development Training

611620- Sports and Recreation Instruction                                                         541618-Other Management Consulting Services